Sunday, September 28, 2008


The weather in Indiana has been as idyllic as you can imagine. It's given us great opportunity to soak up a little autumnal sun and even exercise a little bit. Ali and I rode the bike to dinner one night when Jeff was done, and yesterday, we took a short little trip down to the White River and had some fun in the backyard.

We did have a tragedy, though: one of Ali's snails committed suicide by crawling out of his fish tank. She did everything short of CPR but Jeff decided it'd been dry too long and let the snail slip off its mortal coil.

Ever since Ali could decide what to wear on her own, she's shunned blue jeans, deciding they were too uncomfortable. She's flat-out refused to wear them, but encouraged by her dad and the option of earning school "money" she agreed to wear jeans to school for Spirit Day. Now, she can't get enough of 'em. It's about time. For a kid who's as much a tomboy as she is, the skirts and thin pants were doing a number on her knees.

And now, an excerpt from shameless eavesdropping on Alison and the Ogden kids:

"I've know you longer than any of your other friends, Alison," said Alex over pasta and red sauce Monday night.

"That's not true, Alex. I've known Jenna longer than anyone," she said through a mouthfull of shells.

"Nu-huh," he said. "I met you in Day Nursery."

"Yeah, but Jenna and met when we were still inside our mommie's bellies," she said patiently, knowing it was a bit of a revelation.

"What?!" said both Ogden kids. Even Hanna was fully engaged by now.

"Yeah, we were friends before we were even on the outside," Alison said.

"Wow," was the response.

"Yeah, and do you know how we got out of there?"


"We came out from our mommies' vaginas!"


"I know. But it's true."

"Gross. Hey, we came out of our mommy's vagina, too!"

"Yep. That's how it works."

Happily for me, the conversation ended there. Amer is on the edge of her seat wondering what I'll come up with if they ever ask how they got in there. I'm actually wondering that myself...

The photo to your left is what happens when kids making funny faces get carried away. They actually accidentally touched tongues, which freaked both of them out.

They had parked themselves on the roof of Alison's little playhouse and came really close to falling right off.

No desserts were lost in the making of these photos.

I labeled the picture of their tongues as "LikeMothersLikeDaughters." This is why:

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