Thursday, December 15, 2016

All I need to know I learned (not) in Kindergarten

We've been watching Supernatural on Netflix for what seems like forever as we're trying to catch up to the current season. Homework and everyday life gets in the way of all three of us gathering around the television like families used to do.

We are deep into season eight and recently saw "Remember the Titans," an episode that drops in on modern day Prometheus, Zeus and Artemis. After waxing poetic about a number of facts about Greek mythology, Jeff revealed his deep well of knowledge is rooted in his deep well of familiarity of Marvel comics.

"I learned a lot from comics, Norse legends, ....history, religion..."

Alison gave him the stink eye. "I had to go to catholic school to get that. Your way was more fun."

I didn't tell them that I learned proper grammar from my grandmother's soap operas and how personal relationships worked from my mother's Harlequin Romances.

We all have to learn the important stuff somewhere I guess.