Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday

My sister, Nancy, sent me this fun survey. If you try your hand at it, it'll help you determine where your presidential political sympathies lie. I was 12 of 13 questions for Obama so I guess my issues of the past few weeks have been resolved.

It's been a great weekend. Mostly because my friend Jeph Slaughter is cancer-free again but he celebrated a milestone birthday. He's now officially an adult whether he wants to be or not. We had a great Bunconian birthday bash for him. So great that I left my camera at Lynda's.

Jeff and I had date night at Irish fest and then at the movies. We were supposed to hook up with Lisa Sirkin, John Vielee and company but we only caught a glimpse. They spent three days at the festival of green. I think they should be in recovery as I type.

While Jeff pretended to be a plumber, Alison and I spent the morning biking to the newspaper stand where her current favorite adult -- Josh -- snuck her a piece of bubble gum. She had fallen in love with Matt from the newspaper stand back when she could barely walk and he snuck her her first lollipop. He's now good only for grilled cheese. Josh is her new favorite newspaper man. I fear I'll turn around and she'll be standing around with the boys around the newscounter smoking a stogie and swapping stories about what she did last night.

It's only a matter of time, I think.

On the way home, we saw that the local produce stand has a bumper crop of pumpkins, so we got home, got out the wagon and walked down. $30 later, we came home with three massive pumpkins, some farm fresh tomatoes, potatoes and small gourds. We decorated a little bit for fall, deciding it was just too early to get out the Halloween gear.

It's been a great day in Indiana. Coolish weather, just a few bugs. It's shaping up well.

Ali's next door at a bounce house that's leftover from Chelsea's birthday party. All the neighborhood kids are in it. I'm at outside, just a fence away listening to them argue about who has to be the monkey in the middle. The little one doesn't want to be the monkey and is protesting mightily. (Brings back my days of all-day-catcher in the backyard at home.) I'm on her side.

Hope you're having fun! Thanks to all who are helping with Flat Rachael.

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