Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flat Rachael

My little friend, Rachael Weir needs some help from you travelers. (she's the second one in from the left -- one of Alison's fabled cousins.)

She's got a school assignment that takes off on the Flat Stanley phenomenon by requiring the kids to make a drawing of themselves and have it photographed in all kinds of places around the globe. So far, channeling Johnny Cash, she's been to Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and is planning stops in Georgia, the Sullivan County Jail (courtesy of an employee NOT an inmate,) deep in the bowels of an underground coal mine, at Butler University and what's left of Texas.

We'll have her in Maine for Christmas, but they need Flat Rachael to go everywhere, man.

If you're willing, it'll work this way: Jaime (my niece) will send you, via postal mail, your very own Flat Rachael. You take her out and photograph her doing something fun that illustrates a certain setting, and mail the photo back to Jaime. Your could have her:

  • climbing up a mountain
  • riding a horse
  • on a ferry going across the Sound
  • at an airport
  • in a dentist's chair
  • addressing Congress
  • getting a massage
  • field dressing a moose with Sarah Palin
  • getting her nails done
  • cheering Barak Obama after he wins the election
  • studying corrosion formulas in Boise
  • gambling on a river boat

You get the idea.

Jaime promises to send you only Flat Rachael, and not any kind of goofy stuff. She'll also refrain from putting you on "some pyscho mailing list" (her words; which make me wonder if she actually can do that.) She'll keep you posted on all of Flat Rachael's trips if you want, too.

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jwreed said...

I'm in DC pretty often. Put me on the list & I'll see what I can do.