Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's nice not to be Bob

So I just have a terrible day at work. It started with forgetting my cell phone at home and then forgetting that Jeff had been nice enough to deliver it to me. (I was lucky that I ran into him on the sidewalk as I started off to handle Issue No. 1)

It was one of those it's-never-going-to-stop ones. I can't get out the door, I'm later picking Alison up than I want, I'm not ready for the weekend, etc...

But then I pick her up, ask how Day 2 of Camp Ogden was, and my day got way better.

"It was OK. We found a caterpillar."


"Well. Really, Natalie found a caterpillar and everyone was happy because we could replace Bob."

(Bob was a caterpillar that Hannah and Alex had been keeping. It was actually a cocoon that apparently had failed to launch.)

"But then Natalie said that because she had found it, it was really hers and she should take it home and then they all got into a big fight. Hannah said we'd have to play rock, paper, scissors to figure it out and be fair and so there's be no one crying their eyeballs out if they lost."

"So what happened?"

"Well, Alex won. And Natalie cried her eyeballs out."

My day was better than that. And way better than Bob's....

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