Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bickel gathering in FL in October 2008

I got a great call from Brian Bickel over the weekend. While we stopped in to visit him and his family him only a few times when I was a kid, he made a great impression on me. It was on a Brian-sponsored fishing trip that I caught a baby hammerhead shark. My art teacher at home stuffed it and displayed it on a piece of driftwood. It was in my room for years. The kids loved it.

Brian seems to be just as fun and silly as Bickel boys should be. It was fun to hear from him.

He called to say the Florida Bickels are thinking about having a family gathering in October, and he'd like for the whole clan to descend on them. I told him I'd do my part to spread the word.

Brian's email is and his phone is 386-7520975. He'll have details soon, so please let him know if you want to take in a little sun and sand before the winter chill sets in. I told him that Thanksgiving is in Columbus this year, so he should feel welcome to come up, as well.

If you're a Bickel, please pass this news on. If you're not a Bickel, well, I'm sorry about that.... :)

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