Monday, June 22, 2009

Camp Reed Morning Report

Day One of Camp Reed came early. I was up at 7, sweating from a really strange dream that involved vampires, the Indianapolis Star and a desperate search for a working pay phone.

I had intended to spend the morning in my neighbor's yard with three kids watching our sweet gum tree be felled. But I woke up to damp ground and a grim sky. For a moment, I considered whether Mother Nature was issuing one last warning about the planned destruction.

I actually thought about calling to cancel the tree guys. Instead, I decided I'd read too much trashy fiction and made myself some coffee.

The rain has forced Camp Reed in doors so far but it's been absolutely no problems for the campers who scampered downstairs seconds after they arrived.

They've got a laptop, a Mac, the television, movies and the Wii to keep them occupied. Perfect for the rain out.

The tree cutters are due around 2 p.m., so I think we'll have a short field trip but be back here in time to watch the thing come down.

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