Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camp Reed Day 4 Report

In just one day, Captain Reed took my title as Queen of the Camp. I'm fairly ticked about it.

He drove the kids over to the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati.

In the words of Alison Reed, "It was wicked cool."

There's no competing with that.

Walking in to the place, they went through a long tunnel that went through huge aquariums. Sharks swam around them and at one point, a fish rammed right into a shark right in front of them. They claim there was a sea turtle with a head as big as our TV. They got to pet sharks and sea stars and horse shoe crabs.

If that's not enough, on the way home, they stopped at the famous Cow Palace in downtown Shelbyville.

Alison has been a devoted fan of Dairy Queen ice cream ever since her Aunt Margaret talked me into buying her first cone there when she could barely walk. The Cow Palace is her newest love.

"It's the best ice cream I ever had!" declared the strictly vanilla lover. "Well, I guess I'd have to wedge it in between Boogie Burger and Dairy Queen. Right in the middle.

Hannah had Death by Chocolate. Alex had cherry and the captain had some sort of chocolate concoction. Ali kept going on and on about how great her ice cream was so I double checked to be sure she'd had her standard vanilla.

Yes, she'd stuck with it, but next time, she said, "I'm going to have bubble gum."

The only downside was that Ali didn't listen very well to her father on the way home and kept laying on one or the other of her seat mates. He's docked her allowance $1.

When I reported the incident to my co-workers, Paul (father of 3 boys) said, "Man, I'm glad he's not MY dad..."

Captain Reed's reputation grows....


ddlube said...

I have been to the Newport Aquarium and in Ali's words it is "Wicked Cool"! Did she see the Shark Rays? They are awesome! You will have to insist that they take you sometime.

Cheryl said...

She's ready to go back and has kindly asked her father if I can go next time, too..... So many people have been there -- where have I been?!