Monday, June 22, 2009

Camp Reed Afternoon Report

The tree cutters were amazing. In and out in less than 3 hours, they took down the sweet gum, trimmed the oak and took out an unsightly bush/tree out back.

I almost didn't recognize the yard.

The kids got bored after the first few cuts and spent most of the time in the back yard with the hose and Jeff's new Father's Day water guns. It was only after they were down to cutting what had the look of an uncarved totem pole that they thought it was kind of interesting. And then, they watched from the cool inside as the tree crew sweated in the muggy air. Wimps.

Complete Tree Care is my new favorite business. They come back on Friday to drill out the stumps. If they do then what they did today, they're going to get one sweet report on Angie's List...

Before the tree crew came, the four of us took a bike ride to Target. I needed a new seat for my bike and I've decided that Camp Reed has to have at least one component of physical exercise.

The girls were on their own bikes. Alex was on the tandem with me. We were zooming along when Ali missed a turn and we had to do a little cross-country to get over to the store.

"Geeze Mom! What are you doing?"

"We've got to get over there. It's just a little grass. You're good. Come on," I say as Alex and I push through the somewhat muddy field.

The girls got off their bikes and were pushing them across the grass. The plan was to cross an office parking lot, then the Lowe's lot, and over to Target.

"Follow me and stay close. Watch for traffic," I call, slowing down and circling to be sure they were going to make it.

"Alex, you are on the bike of doom!" Hannah calls out.

"Yeah, Alex, you're gonna die with that mad woman!" calls Ali.

I stop short. I look back. They're on their bikes. Sure, they're slow, but they're behind me. There are parked cars, but few are moving. I'm not sure what the problem is.

"Nice knowing you Alex," calls one.

"I don't believe you!" calls my defender. "I am NOT going to die."

"You know, Alex, she's a bad driver in the car AND on a bike," calls Ali.

"Well I think she's doing a good job," he says, pedaling like a champ.

I announce the winner of the My-Favorite-Camper award. I think he smiled. It's hard to see from the front seat.

Regardless, the girls do not relent. It wasn't even my fault we had to go off road. Alison missed the turn. In the end, we got safely across all the lots, to the store, to Taco Bell and back without a problem.

Camp Reed Day One was fun. I may never go back to work.


Dana said...

You have a tandem??? That's so COOL!


Cheryl said...

We've had the tandem for about 4 years, I'd guess and we've more than gotten our money's worth from it. We've gone everywhere.

Ours is a stand-alone and attaches to whatever bike you want, so once your child is too big for it, you still have your adult bike in great working order. I highly recommend them.