Sunday, May 10, 2015

If I ever leave my husband, it'll likely be for Nicolas Feuillatte

That's funny because:
A. I'm never going to leave my husband;
B. He introduced me to ol' Nick;
C. Nick is champagne.

One of my favorite champagnes. And to celebrate Mother's Day, we broke a bottle out.

It's just one of the fabulous things in my life thanks to JMR. He's one. Alison Reed is another, of course.  At 14, she has to settle for Sparkling Red Grape of the House of Welch but it won't be long before she samples a bit of the vino, I"m sure.

It's been a great day in a busy month. Ali's first production of Time Machine was Saturday, as was the Angie's List Grand Prix. Friday was Book Club. Tomorrow it's Ali's first Spotlight, then a tribute to JOB on Tuesday, another play productionon Friday and Alison's delayed birthday party on Saturday. I'm just going to revel in what's left of tonight.

After dinner with Nick, of course.

I will confess that I'm always a little conflicted on Mothers' Day. My own is gone, as is my mother-in-law who was probably the best mother ever. I know so many great moms -- some who gave birth and some who just provided such unstinting love and support to children they didn't actually birth they should be in the Mom Hall of Fame anyway.

While I honor every woman who went to the trouble to make a life, I don't consider the act of actually birthing a child to be the definining moment of motherhood any more than I consider the act of conception one that defines fatherhood.

It's in the rearing where the real parents shine. I fail every other day. It's frickin' hard to parent well. God knows I try, but I don't always get it right.

Here's hoping (yes, I'm raising my glass) that I (and you my fellow parents) get it right more often than we get it wrong and that our kids forgive us for the times we hiccup.

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