Sunday, May 31, 2015

I should have been more patient

Since Alison has been about three months old, I've been fairly faithful about a weekly message of her (and/or my) development.  It started out as an email for my mother-in-law so she, in Maine, could track progress of her little Hoosier.

Somewhere along the way Lisa Vielee convinced me to turn it into a blog, and now it's mostly seen on FaceBook. That means, what? 716 or so weekly missives?

Turns out, I should have just waited for 8th Grade graduation. We were given the placemats the kids do each year for use when they have lunch with the principal. His cheatsheet, if a principal is allowed such a thing...

Here, in mostly her own words and art, is Alison Renee Reed K-8. 

Notes: the last photo is the first photo from the first Photoshoot Sunday.  

In 5th grade she had great brand recognition, not just of Angie's List but also Holiday World. I would be remiss as a proud parent to forget she earned high academic honors in each of the four years they track such stuff and won Outstanding Art student at CKS. Not a bad record to start high school. 

Crossing all my parts that it continues to be this great.

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