Monday, May 25, 2015

Back to Life...Back to Reality

II don't exactly feel like I've been on vacation but I've certainly not been at work. At least not my normal kind of work.

I'm not sure I'm ready to get back to real life. It's still May 2015, though, so we have a little bit more pomp and circumstance to get through.  Alison graduates from Christ the King School on Thursday, and that will be the end of this crazy, busy month.

If you are my FaceBook friend, you may have gone with me on the #CKS8thGradeTrip to Washington DC. Sadly, @POTUS stiffed us but we still had a great time. Logged 20+ miles hiking in and around the city, including a trip out to Gettysburgh where we learned we've been pronouncing it wrong all these years. I think I calculated that I got approximately 15 hours of sleep during the three-day-tour.

We made up for it a bit on Saturday but we made time for Amer's race party and spent a fabulous Sunday at the QueenLynn lakehouse.  

Today, we rested. Hope you had a great holiday, too. 

Highlights from the back seat on the way to/from the lake:

Alison, Bre and Alex were deep into "remember when..." stories.

Alison: "Remember when Alex puked and kept it in a jar?"

"That never happened," Alex said.

"You know, it was orange. In a jar."

"Nev. Er. Happened. Never happened." 

Later, on the road to Nineveh, the closest town to the lake, were were remembering Veggie Tales when Jeff took a hill fast and our stomachs jumped into our throats. "Oh, no. I have to pee."

So of course he took the next hill faster.

"I'm just gonna pee in a jar like Alex."

Oh no, I'm gonna pee on Bre."

"I had a pee story but I got distracted."

Photo Higlights:

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