Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scratch that

One of the nicer habits Jeff has graced our daughter with is his penchant to stop what he's doing and appreciate the beauty of a sunset, the smell of a bouquet that's just opening up or the sound of a woodpecker blasting through an otherwise silent Sunday morning.

I didn't give her that.

I tend to get all caught up in whatever I'm doing and can't be bothered until I'm done. It's good if I'm on deadline and you benefit from me getting my work done. It's not so good for anyone else.

I'm trying to slow down and be more appreciative, but it's a long held habit and one that's resisting change. I recognize the need, though. So that's step one, right? And I even made some progress this week.

We had a whirlwind kind of anniversary/Valentine's Day. Holidays that fall on weekdays always stress me out because I hate being late for work. HATE it.

So we had a quick early morning flower and gift exchange, then scrammed to work and then back home to get Ali fed and ready for her game where we were scheduled to man the concession stand.

Jeff had sent me fun texts during the day. I saw them, liked them, but only responded once in kind.

When he came in the door, Jeff asked if I'd have dinner with him after her game. "Sure," I said, thinking about what we had on hand.

He suggested the Scratch truck and its infamous "best grilled cheese sandwich in town."

Immeditely, I said, "I can't eat that."

His face fell. "But you and Ali can," I said.

He sighed. All the glee gone from his face. "Crap," I said to myself.

While we were working the concession stand, a man we didn't know came in to check on us. Turns out he was in charge of the gym. Jeff and I had gone to the game straight from work, so he was still in his suit, which may have prompted the gym guy's basketball season memory.

"Hey," he said, catching Jeff's attention,"I sure loved to watch you coach."

They had a little chat as I eavesdropped. He really is a great guy. Good father. Good coach. Gifted at many things I won't tell you about. (You're welcome.)

So I suggested on the way home that he go get us dinner at the

He had Dom Perignon chilling and came back with not just the best grilled cheese in town, but a damn fine burger, some chips and two servings of some high-end chocolate rice pudding garnished with coconut -- a gift from the guy at the truck to whom Jeff chortled that he was picking up his 15th wedding anniversary dinner, which would be paired with fine bubbly.

Did it blow my Weight Watcher's points for the week? Sure. But was it worth it?

Oh yeah.

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