Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar night and I have nothing to wear...

So yeah, I sqeezed in a little shopping after I remembered a skirt my friend Lisa left in my closet.

It's Oscar night and while we have skipped the best Oscar party in town in the past, we are back at it this year. Thank you Clay Miller for not dropping us as we may have deserved...

Please say a prayer or send good karma to my friend Brooke so little Christian gets better and stays better. Also for my friends Angie and Julie who are among the strongest, most beautiful people I know.

And I know some stunners.

For example, I was subbing at euchre the other night when I mentioned that Ali had insisted on adding some of her Ali-made cupcakes to a meal I was making for Angie and her family. A couple of the women had once sat with Angie at a Gathering of the Goddesses Planned Parenthood event. The others don't know her at all.

But they've asked if they can get in on the meals plan.

"Oh, I remember her. She's lovely," said Monica Brase.

As are you, ladies... Love my friends...

And I love my Ali, too. We made a meal for Brooke, and it will include some Ali dessert.

She'll be finishing up the cupcakes while we drop in on the Oscar party for a little bit. Because, you know, it might make Brooke a little happy while she waits for Cristian to get better.

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