Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reed's Rules for the Summer

I have new rules for the summer.

If you're coming over to the Reed house for a party, a couple of beers or even just a short visit, you can't come unless you follow these rules.

1. You must be happy with the fact that I'm not going to clean for you.
2. You must be happy with the facts that kids are supposed to get dirty, scream and have fun that stops only when someone bleeds.
3. You help cook, clean, serve and supervise as needed.
4. You must have fun.

I'm happy to report that both Team Ogden and Team Vielee not only followed these rules, but they helped define them tonight. We had a great, impromptu cookout that involved 8 kids, 6 adults, 18 assorted sausages and a dozen hot dogs or so.

It was great and so little work it was almost magic. Even the older kids helped out. Alex took care of the chimenae, the older girls helped find things we needed and set up, and everyone else chopped, cleaned, fire-up and opened assorted bottles. We started early because we all have homework and baths to deal with, but my backyard was full of squealing kids and laughing adults from start to finish.

I want every party/get-together this summer to be like this -- the planned ones as well as the unplanned ones. It was so relaxed I didn't even take one stinkin' picture. I attached these two to illustrate how I'll be acting for the next few months.

So consider this your warning. I want you to come over, but I'm sending up the flare. I've already warned my co-workers and friends at work that this is the summer for Fun Cheryl. No more serious face. It's going to be fun.

As long as we all follow the rules....

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