Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long, lazy weekend

Alison's written another book -- last year's involved a spider. This one involves missing food on an island nation run by a president called Billy Bob, if memory serves.

It was all revealed last Friday at an Author's Tea hosted by the Christ the King Second Grade smack dab in the midst of the Angie's List Annual Derby Day, a great party cleverly disguised as a team building exercise that actually works to bring people from across the company's departments together. You work together to come up with a theme, a plan and use no more than $75 to create a wheel powered car.

Teams are graded on creativity and speed. My team developed the USS Angieprise and we went to work as Star Trek characters. I was the white Uhura. Sadly, we won neither in speed nor creativity. The Flintstones beat us out for creativity and I cant' remember who won for speed.

While my fellow Listers were either careening down a sloped parking lot/race course or cheering on those crazy enough to trust the hay bales would save them, I was elegantly perched on a cafeteria chair listening to books written by second graders. It was quite the shift in events, but a sweet way to end the day.

(I'd had just enough time to wipe off the make-up and sweat and change before heading to the school.) Ali had helped me with the costume but asked, gently as she could, if I could wash my face before coming to school.

It was OK to wear the short skirt, boots and Star Trek badge if I ran out of time, but the make-up had to go.

I don't think I embarrassed her.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. We stayed home, but the weekend still seemed to fly by. Amer's race party was its usual success and we had great times catching up with old friends.

Ali collected another young boy's heart -- this time young Eli Thompson, who at 2-years-old fell ass over tea kettle, as Jen Reed would say, for the red head.

Most of Team Meyers Thompson was over for a small cookout, and Ali took charge of Eli. She was delighted to boss someone around, and he was delighted to follow.

It was fun to watch.

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