Thursday, May 4, 2017

Joy, Change & Baking Powder

My life right now can perhaps best be described as a big bag of awesomeness mixed with too much sadness, a touch of trepidation and probably just the right amount of joy.

I think we can all be excused for wanting more joy. But the reality is that joy is the baking powder in a great chocolate chip cookie recipe. Just a touch makes the whole thing rise perfectly. Too much and the rest of your confection just can't handle it.

My life's greatest joy -- one Alison Reed -- turns 16 tomorrow. Talk about a mixed bag. I'm so proud of her. Moms are biased, to be sure. But she's a pretty wonderful human being by anyone's measure.

When I was pregnant, I used to have nightmares that she'd come out with my legs and Jeff's arms and she'd waddle around like a chimpanzee. I prayed -- I know that's hard to believe but it's true. I prayed early and often for 9 months straight -- that she'd get all our good parts and none of the bad. That she'd be healthy And that that arm/leg thing wouldn't come true.

It worked out pretty well.

The Captain has kept her well in line and she got his legs, than goodness. (Hey: Can take credit for that given all the uncharacteristic prayer?) 

My contribution has mostly been a wicked smart mouth and an attempt to make her know that she is loved. That she'll always be loved. That whatever she needs -- as opposed to wants -- will be gotten for her if it's at all possible. And that if she CAN help, she SHOULD help.

We're celebrating this weekend with a bunch of her friends hopefully in a house with a dry basement.

The other side of the joy coin is, of course, sadness. And in this case, tragedy due to the unexpected passing of a friend's husband. She has two young children and they had had a wonderful life. Another friend is having a personal family crisis. It's hard to accept or understand either of those situations. It's also hard to celebrate joy when you know there's such suffering going on at the same time.

So add to this joy and pain a monumental change at my workplace. I can't get into great detail and I'm grateful to all of those who've expressed concern about my livelihood as the news has broken. In short, all is well with me and I have great optimism for the future.

But it IS a big deal, and it's lots and lots of change. Change, especially as it pertains to your work, is scary. But it's also good.

Every life recipe needs a bit, right? Kind of like baking powder.

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