Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life's a beach

I don't want you to hate me so I'm not going to tell you about our trip to Jamaica. The pictures will likely seal my fate.


If it's any consolation, I made myself hit 10,000 steps before I could have breakfast, I paddle boarded in the Caribbean every day but the chocolate monkey on my back and breakfast mimosa still had me gaining a good 10 pounds.

But they're happy pounds.

Alison went into town with James and David, got offered "weed" five times, nearly got pick-pocketed and took a picture of a sign that pointed out "no pissing" in one, inexplicably protected corner. No one got a bad sunburn. We all snoozed a bit in the sun. Jen and I traded paperbacks and it was just idyllic.

The Mainers went back to snow and we came back to chilly weather. We're all trying to get back into our routines and wishing we were still gathering on the sand every afternoon. But summer's not far off so I'm fairly certain we'll all muddle through.

I was quizzing Ali about her life on the way home from school the other day and she indicated that if I'd stop, she'd be a happier child.

"Would you rather I take no interest in your life at all? If I would ignore you?" I asked, slightly affronted.

"I think that would be just fine if, say, I was watching anime instead of doing my homework," she said.

Tonight she laughed at me when I asked her to snag a storage container for me from the top shelf. It was in the back and just slightly out of my tip-toe reach.

The chocolate monkey never laughed at me.

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