Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sanctioned frivolity

My father-in-law, great man that he is, sent me a check for my birthday last month and instructed me to spend it on something truly frivolous.

I always do what my father-in-law says, and as a diehard Republican, I know he's not inclined to indulge in much frivoulous spending. I'm not either. It goes against my Pentecostal upbringing, and my instruction as a frugal Hoosier in state government.

My friend Angie says Jeff and I are the cheapest people she knows, and while she didn't really mean it as a compliment, I took it as one.

That said, I do like nice things, and I do like nice shoes. I don't wear heels as much as I used to, but tonight I have almost an obligation: I'm staffing Angie while she bartends on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. 

So, I hadn't yet spent Gary's money, and I needed shoes.  I DID shop around. And when I had found the Stuart Weitzman shoes I really wanted, I still went to another store to see if I could find them cheaper.  And I alerted my fellow frugal partner along with asking for advice from my lady friends before I bought.

Jeff was with Ali at a high school football game, hanging out with his buddy Kit Earle. I texted Jeff a photo of my choices -- the ones I loved, the ones I liked and a pair that was a bit more practical. 

Text 1 to the great shoes: "Kit says absolutely."
Text 2. "I concur."
Text 3. Even informed of the price: "Perfectly frivolous."
Text 4. "I think the first pair is more interesting, but it'd be hard to go wrong with either. Kit concurs, but says the 2d pair might compliment fishnet better."
Text 5 to the third pair. "We aren't interested in the increased practicality of this pair, but appreciate the sturdier heels may have some appeal for the wearer."

My girlfriends were universal in their quick decision to buy pair 1.

So, thank you Gary, for defraying the costs of my work outfit tonight. I would ask you all to tell me to "break a leg" tonight in the tradition of the theatre where that's actually a call for good luck.

Unfortunately the likliehood of it actually happening is greater than it should be. I'm out of practice. But they are really, really pretty....

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