Sunday, September 8, 2013


Alison is set to cheer the Christ the King Tigers football team this afternoon in her debut performance as a cheerleader.

Amy Tokash (former cheerleader) is thrilled.

I think it's great that she's doing more at school and I do think she looks really cute in her uniform. But I've been a little squeamish about one of the cheers in particular. It's not Miley Cyrus twerking, but it could be a gateway move for all I know.

Lois Stewart (albeit somehat under the influence of pino grigio and ebullience after a fabulous gathering of old friends) rolled her eyes at me about it.  Lois is my arbiter of lady-like behavior and all things proper. So I guess if she's OK with it, I shouldn't fret. 

But she had been drinking... I might have to sober her up and have her her watch again.

Lois and my good friends Cheryl Gonzalez and Angie DeMauro Russo came over to the house last night for a bit after our FOB reunion. It was an adults only gathering so their chance to get a glimpse at the little redhead came at home. She entertained (?) them with her cheers but Jeff called a halt when she wanted to model her uniform. 

I'm 100 percent sure the girls would have been happy to see it. Angie has two boys, Cheryl is always a good sport,  and Lois has been Aunt Lois since Ali was born. 

After she was banished, Lois continued to roll her eyes at me being prim about the cheer moves. She reminded me that she, too, used to be a cheerleader, a fact I'd totally forgotten. 

I'll post some more photos from the game and I should get a move on getting ready for the game. The coach can't be there for the start, and I've offered to help corral the cheerleaders so they're where they should when they should be. I'm strictly logistics. What I don't know about cheerleading could fill the field.

Meanwhile, I'm shopping for a new arbiter of all thinkgs lady-like. 

Wish me luck this week -- it's my first week playing in a fantasy football league. What I know about cheerleading dwarfs what I know about football, but I'm learning. The other women in the league have really fun names. I'm playing against Anita Tight End this week, for example.

After much discussion with Jeff about what my team name should be, we settled on Squirrel Gravy, an homage to my roots and a reflection of my football prowess. I wore my "Squirrel: the Other White Meat" tee-shirt to the draft.

Excerpts from the week prior:

Ali and I were watching TV and an ad for a new show, "Trophy Wife" comes on. She asks what a trophy wife is. Forgetting that earlier in the year, I'd told her that her father had been married before I came into and vastly improved his life, I gave her the standard definition.

"So you're a trophy wife," she said.

"Yes. Yes I am," I said... 


As we were getting ready for her debut performance on the CKS Cheer Team, I wondered out loud what I should wear.

"Anything but your squirrel tee-shirt," she said.

I laughed and reminded her that I loved that shirt.

"Yeah, it's pretty funny," she allowed. "But not around cheer leading."

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