Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Return of the Princess

Against all odds, Alison came home to us after a week in heaven AKA Jen and Peter's lake house.

Before she'd landed, Jen was already making plans for next year's visit, and while Alison was clearly happy to see us, she had had a truly great trip. 

She caught two fish, though Uncle Peter baited her hook for her. She kayaked and tubed across the lake. She drove the boat. She made cupcakes twice and helped or assisted with a few meals. She shopped. She got to see most of her Maine family at least a time or two. She even got to swim with Uncle James. Uncle David reportedly just stood on the dock, wiping sweat and cursing at the heat.
Thursday was rainy all day so she packed for home, not because she was anxious, but "because she didn't want to waste any sunshine" when it cleared up.

She did not shower. At all.

Like I said, heaven.

Jennifer claims that she swam nearly every day in the lake and as the shower water is lake water, it's not like she wasn't clean. I submit that as there was no bar of of soap with her as she swam, no shampoo or conditioner, it's not exactly the same thing. (Side note to Jasonville friends and family: even Veronica Hamilton brought her bar of Ivory to the stripper pit...)

My evidence that not showering was a coup for Alison Reed is that as we walked from the gate, the first thing my truly wild-haired child did was ask me to smell her. "Do I smell good, Mom?" she asked.

Sensing a trick, I asked her what Bath and Body Works spray she'd used.  "None," she said. "But I didn't shower all week!"

It reminded me of the time I was sick and Jeff was on duty and he forgot to bathe her. "It's OK, Mom," said my 6-or-so year-old. "I Febreezed myself."

I think it's going to take a boy to make her shower regularly.

The shower issue (they were clearly taken advantage of ) notwithstanding, Jen and Peter have earned huge gold stars. She had a great, great time and I'm certain stockpiled a cach of memories that she'll trot out when she's telling her grandchildren stories of her summers in Maine.

-- Catching a "big-mouthed bass" was super awesome.
-- Dealing with the worm was not.
-- "You should hear the loons, mom. They're all over the lake here."
-- Hiking up and down Mount Battie was fun even with a blister.
-- "I kayaked across the lake all by myself. I only tipped over once."

-- "We went shopping, Dad, and I almost bought you a beer foamy holder thingie that said. "I'm the Captain and the Captain is Always Right" but it was $7 and you don't really drink beer out of a can and the bottle one was $9 and I didn't think you would use it so much that it would have been a good thing to spend my money on."  (Grandpa Reed is so proud -- I just know it.)

She discovered Jen's love of 80s music and informed us that she really liked only two songs and that when they got into the car again, Jen informed her that she wasn't allowed to play only those two songs over and over and over.

Our week alone started out with grown-up drinks at The Libertine and then a party with our Bunconian friends made special by a visit from Espie and Larry, who now live near Dallas. But then I got sick and was no fun for the next several days.

I revived a bit on Thursday and we had a fun night out that started with seeing "The Heat" and then a bit of shopping and modeling -- a little reward for the long-suffering captain who'd taken good care of me when I wasn't feeling well. 

Later, in a bit of unplanned fun, we were watching the Macy's fireworks along with Jen, Peter and Ali. Ali was less impressed than I was that Miranda and Blake's "America the Beautiful" was featured. But it was fun to text with her and share the fireworks.

We had dinner out Friday after we picked her up we toasted to Auntie Jen and Uncle Peter. Yesterday,  we went south for fireworks in person at Aunt Donna's where we saw most of my family. It was a lot of fun catching up but it made for a late night.

Today has been somewhat lazy, though Ali and I did bike over to the Glendale Town Center and ended up with another milestone shopping event -- I'll just say it was lingerie for her. She's very pleased --though totally embarrassed to have had to carry her try-on merchandise to the fitting room. Is she in need of support? Not really.

But I figure when a girl thinks she's ready, she's close enough to ready merit a shopping trip. The captain disagrees. And in this instance, the beer foamy holder thingie is definitely off the mark.

So says the queen.

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