Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alone again

Our house is quiet again and the only difference between when Alison first abandoned us and this time is that I seem to be hale and healthy.

So it's Date Night every night this week. Watch out world.

Ali had been packed for her week at Flat Rock River Camp since Thursday, and this morning she was sitting in the car waiting for us, having put all of her belongings in the trunk.  I'm proud of her independent spirit but a little foot-dragging would not have been unappreciated.

She did take a few occasions to this week to sneak in an extra hug or two, and before she got all raring to go, she did snuggle a bit with us. We killed time watching recorded episodes of The Big Bang Theory -- she is enamoured with Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler.

It's all fun until she uses a Sheldon line in response to The Captain asking her a question to which a "bazinga" type response can be used. 

"I'm fairly certain that Sheldon did not respond to his father that way," she was informed the other day.

I found it amusing.

Ali and Jeff were on their own Saturday night when my Book Club had a sleepover at the Downtown Sheraton. It's a fairly nice (needs a bit of work) hotel on the circle downtown. We were celebrating Niki's birthday and the good weather in general. We'd camped out at the pool, which had an awesome view of the Circle and a fair amount of friendlies in the pool.

All was going well -- we had at least a bottle of champagne for each Book Clubber -- until Kate noticed her flip flops were AWOL. We nearly had to tie her down when decided they'd been stolen. Let me just say that Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on Kate Shepherd.

Somehow we made it through the night. Jeff and Alison had a less crime-ridden evening complete with a bike ride for Fazoli's breadsticks and ice cream downtown where Jeff noticed a group of young girls -- fancy that -- needing a photog to memorialize their outing.

Apparently the girls were grateful and Alison thought Jeff was a knight in shining armour. At one point he had them move to get a trash can out of the shot, which also got a club bouncer who was trying to photo bomb, out of the shot. Alison didn't see the trash can and thought Jeff was referring to the bouncer when he said they didn't need a trash can in the shot.

She thought that was hysterical, too. 

So we'll all have fun in our separate corners this week. Hope you do, too.

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