Sunday, March 3, 2013

"You can ask my mom. She held the bag."

We've been fortunate, again, to have Jenna for a little bit. You'd think that at nearly 12, the girls would be past sharing bubble baths.

But Jenna spied one of Alison's bath bombs, they are hoping to end up in the Jordan Y pool anyway, so they've been waterlogged now for about two hours. The pool doesn't open to general swim until 1.

They've giggled and sang and made up hand-slapping routines to terrible, awful prose. And they've giggled.

Along the way, somehow they got to talking about having to pee at inopportune times. As is their wont, they were one upping each other until Jenna quieted the house with this one.

"I once pooped in a bag."

Alison expressed her disbelief silently.

"I did. You can ask my mom. She held the bag."

I could go on, but why, really?

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