Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun with duct tape - no I haven't yet read 50 Shades of Grey

So when we remodeled the house to open up the kitchen 11 years ago, we found these fun bar stools. I forget where it was but there were three of them and they were being discontinued. I thought we should buy them all. Jeff thought we only had room for two. I still believe we should have bought three. But we didn't. We've had good luck with the chairs over the years. Oh sure, the random toddler ignored my advice and toppled from them from time to time, but there were no serious injuries. Except to the seats. Over the years, they each had a few tears and rubbed off places. From time to time, I'd think about getting them re-upholstered. Usually after I saw something fantastic project my friend Lesley had done and posted on her Design File Blog. But life would intervene and I'd just push them in thinking about whether to just buy three new ones. Then, while making a midnight run to Target for some last-minute school need, I passed by a display of duct tape. Yeah. Duct tape. It really is the best thing ever.
The display was offering fun designs that you are supposed to use to make a purse. Like that's going to happen at my house... I back pedal, snatch the roll of three up and get home. I know Jeff is either going to love it or hate it. He loved it so much he actually did the work! Voila. I present our DIY project. It takes a steady hand and patience. Which is why I got Ali through her homework and into bed as he did the chairs. Now, if we could just figure out how to make the kitchen outlet play nice with the new microwave.... Oh yeah. We're not just on a spending spree. This spree is on steroids. Admittedly, the stuff we're getting is replacing items older than our marriage but still. It seems excessive. But I think we might be the last person on the planet with a dishwasher that has buttons you push in like a cassette tape deck. And the microwave was seriously ancient. If only duct tape could fix appliances...

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