Sunday, June 3, 2012

The long and winding road

or, Part Doh! On the way home, we saw a sign that said, "Free Dirt" which caused Jenna to giggle in the extreme. "Free dirt? Who wants dirt?" she said. "My mom likes to garden and sometimes she actually PAYS for dirt, so I think she would like free dirt," Alison said, thoughtfully. "Why wouldn't she just go to Walmart. It's just, like, $5, isn't it?" Jenna asked. "Yeah. But why pay $5 for dirt if you can have free dirt? I think free dirt is better than $5 dirt," argued my bargain shopper. "But maybe the $5 dirt is better dirt than free dirt," Jenna reason. "Hmmm. Maybe. But I think I still like free dirt," comes the reply. Fast forward. Literally. We're in the car. Their hair is flying. Their hands are up and they are squealing. "Hey, Ali. When you get home do you want to play a game?" "Sure." "Let's play vet." "Um. OK. But who has to be the animal?" Giggle. "We'll use your stuffed animals!" "Oh, then yeah!" "Do you want to be the assistant or the vet?" "I'll be the assistant." "Lucky! You get the easy part. The vet has to hold the animals down." I almost took the long way home just to prolong the conversation.

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