Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wanna see what I've got?

We've had a great long weekend with James and David here. I'm not even dreading Weight Watchers Wednesday, it's been that much fun.

They got in Thursday afternoon so Jeff and I took them to Santorinis for lunch where the portions are huge, the food is good and the service is great. Jeff had doubleheader softball so Ali and I took them to Pei Wei for dinner. Did we need to eat again? No. Was the food great? Yes.

Friday, it was opening day at the Indiana State Fair, and we got to take Jenna with us. We love Jenna, and it's always a blast to have her. This move, however, was high strategery because Alison loves fair rides and even with four of us, we knew we needed a ringer.

We got to the air before the Midway opened at noon so we saw a fair sampling of the animals. We even saw dog racing, a sport I don't normally condone but these were tiny dogs, there was no gambling and the guy running the show was a former champion frisbee dog guy. So he's got to be a nice guy who's good to dogs, right? I hope so.

We invested in all-you-can-ride wristbands for the girls, and before we left in the 5o'clock downpour, the ISF was paying them to ride.

If you are waffling on whether the wristband is a deal, we missed the super bargain early purchase opportunity so paid $25 a piece. We tried for the $17 version but our store was out by the time we got there. By my count, we would have used 92 tickets had we paid by the ride. The tickets, bought in the bigggest increment were $60 for 55.

For the first time ever in our fair-going history, we had two ride delays for vomit clean-up -- none from our group.

Before we could have any fair fun, we had to break Jenna out of her summer day camp. As always, the girls quickly took up where their last conversation had left off whether that be months or days apart. And just as quickly, they lost interest in me as anything but a chauffer. So I did what any normal mother would do: I turned off the tunes and eavesdropped.

From the backseat:

"Ali, did you watch a gross tape in 4th grade?"


"I did. It was gross."

"Oh. I think we have to see that in 5th grade."

"Do you know what it was about?"

"Yes," says my daughter who disdains personal conversations even with her best friend who revels in them. "You don't have to say the word."

"You mean puberty?" asked Jenna.

"Oh. No. I thought you were going to say 'sex,'" says Alison, opening the door.

"We see that one this year. Last year, the girls and the boys watched the puberty one separately. This year, the boys will watch the girls' tape and the girls watch the boys' tape."

"Aaack! What kind of school do you GO to? I do NOT want to have to see boys' junk. And what kind of BOY wants to see a GIRL'S junk? Blech."

Jenna dissolves into giggles. "I know! Right?"

We get home a few minutes later.

"Hey, Jenna. My Uncle James and Uncle David are here. Want me to show 'em to you?"


Off they trot. I heard later that proper introductions were made, but the novelty of having her uncles in did not diminish. The next day, Amer came at dawn to drag Jenna off to soccer practice. Ali comes out to say hello.

"Hey, Miss Amy, my Uncle James and Uncle David are here? Want to go look at 'em?"

Amy held herself back until that evening when everyone was upright.

I hope the boys had as much fun as we did last night. All our friends are ready to move to Maine just so they can hang out with them more.

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