Friday, July 15, 2011

Home alone

I'm home alone. Can't remember the last time that happened, but I have to confess that I'm kind of enjoying it.

We spent most of last week in Maine where we climbed a small mountain, went to a beach and, oh, yeah: we helped Auntie Jen get married. (more on that later.)

We got home Sunday afternoon and left from the airport to deliver Alison to her cousins where she could barely be bothered to say goodbye she was happy to be with them, their trampoline and pool. Jeff was most dismayed to see the pool because Ali has been wanting one here and I think he's afraid she won't come home tomorrow.

So it's been date night for us since Sunday. Except for last night when he left me for work and softball and more work after that. Tonight he's with Andy at a Steely Dan concert. I don't know if I'll ever see him again.

Last night, I rode my bike to and back home from work, then decided I had nothing to do so I kept on it past my stop off the Monon Trail and biked up to Nora where I signed Ali up for camp at the Jordan Y next week and then went even further to Justice for Girls and bought a birthday gift for the party she'll go to tomorrow.

All in all it was a little more than 20 miles on the bike. So I was, shall we say, ripe when I finally pedaled into my driveway.

But then, I saw all the weeds in my front yard and decided I was already dirty so I should clear a few and water the parched flowers before I showered and settled in with the Bravo network and whichever housewives were one. My neighbor Mark stopped by and I made the mistake of asking him to identify these really tall plants that were taking up some significant real estate.

"Well, those are weeds," he said, pointing and looking around.

"Are you sure? They're so big," I said, confessing that I don't remember sometimes what I plant in the fall. "I keep waiting for them to flower."

"Nope. They're weeds. And so are those. And those. And these here, too," he said. "And some of those over there."

It was after 8 o'clock before I got to go in and enjoy my night alone. I love Mark. And now I can see him and his wife Jerry if I look East. Two bags of weeds will clear a lot of air space...

So tomorrow I'm to pick Jenna up, go get Ali where I hope she'll be separated from her cousins, and deliver them both to Breanna's sleepover birthday party. Yeah. It's another date night for me and the mister. I can't imagine what we'll do. It won't be yard work, I promise you that.

But back to Maine. It was fabulous. I know it was hot here, but there it was glorious every day, and we got to spend time with almost everyone. Jen and Ali and I had a lot of girl time, and Alison was a wonderful bridesmaid.

When the bridal party was announced to the reception, Alison went first. She walked through those double doors like Heidi Klum on a runway and then channeled Princess Kate, giving a royal wave and grin to the room. Everyone else just tried to keep up.

We're so happy for Jen and Peter. The wedding was lovely and the reception rivaled one I was involved with about 13 years ago. It really was a great party, and Jen was still talking about my friend Amer, who sent her a gift AND a card to celebrate the blessed event. They've met twice, I think, but they were both memorable. How sweet was that?!

I have more photos and hopefully we'll have good ones taken by the pros soon. I'll find a way to share. Meanwhile, I should clear something up.

While en route to the beach, Ali was riding with Jen and Peter and telling them all about her plans post-wedding, which involved the cousins. She apparently felt the need to explain that while the girls are her cousins, Aunt Jaime isn't her aunt at all. She's really a cousin because Aunt Donna (who is really her aunt) was only 17 when she had Jaime and had to get married. And then Jaime was really young when she had her kids. That's why Aunt Jaime (who isn't really an aunt but is really a cousin) has kids so close to Alison's age who are also her cousins.

I'm told the saga took up a lot of the trip but at least everyone's clear on that. Except Donna wasn't an unwed mother; she just married shortly after high school (at 18) and had Jaime about four years later. Donna's 10 years older than me and I just got a late start on the family planning stuff. So. To recap. Donna is an aunt but was never an unwed mother or shotgun bride. Jaime married young too, but also no unwed motherhood or shotguns involved.

(Oh sure I have shotgun stories, but none directly related to these weddings.)

OK. I have more stories and more pictures, but this is my last night home alone. I'm sure there's some fine TV awaiting...

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