Monday, July 4, 2011

Holey Moley!

We've been having a lazy weekend and it's been great. I'm having technological difficulties with transferring photos, but it's the worst thing that's happened in the last few days so I'm OK with it.

Alison woke us up at 6:40 Saturday morning reminding us that it was finally time for her to be able to take out her starter ear rings. She was soooooo excited. So up I got.

I had forgotten how much gunk and gore gets stuck on those things, and she wasn't prepared for it either. After we got over that, we cleaned them up and tried to put in a pair of earrings she'd bought weeks ago. The holes weren't quite ready.

So we let her ears go unadorned for a few hours and startd to put the originals back in -- not the best idea. It seemed they'd already started to close, but we got them in after only a bit of squeals and groans. That was me. Ali cried a little bit.

But we got through it and today she's been practicing with my Lia Sophia hoops. They don't have backs to stick on -- plus she thinks they're super cool. I figure anything metal holding those tiny holes open is good. Plus, it's practice for when she goes raiding my jewelry box for real.

We're also super excited about this weekend. Jennifer Reed becomes Jennifer Chase on Saturday and Ali and I are as ready to help her down the aisle as we can be. Jeff's figured out (heavy sigh) that he'll have to wear long pants twice -- twice I tell you -- on the trip. But we're all excited to see the family and officially make Peter a part of it.

Send all your good karma to our friend Eric, who's recovering from double transplant surgery this weekend. It's a good thing: he's been on the list for way too long. We'll be anxious to see him when we can.

I'm sure we've all shared good thoughts for our Armed Forces -- wherever they are. It's a good country we have -- we're lucky to be living here.

Cross your fingers that I can figure out the photo issue -- it's kind of a key part of the weekly shoot....

Happy summer!

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