Thursday, July 1, 2010

There's more than corn in Indiana

We're off to Maine in the morning and excited to see Auntie Jen's ring up close and personal. We hope to canoe on the Adroscoggin River, I'll find a lobster and try not to exceed the Weight Watcher point tally too much.

Jeff's Father's Day present finally made it to our house last Saturday and he's been practicing ever since. I think he's hoping that James and David will pull out their corn hole set (a beauty handcrafted by Peter Chase with bags handmade by Jen) and let him practice some more.

Jeff's set was handcrafte by a northwest Indiana man who apparently makes the boards for the tournament crowd. Even with those credentials, his price was way better than anyone else we found, and we'll be happy to share details if anyone wants to give him some more business. He'd never made one with a Bosox design before, but we were really happy with his work.

In addition to the fancy corn hole set, pie arrived at our house this week.

It was made and delivered by our neighbor, Mark, with raspberries from his farm. Mark is a devout Christian, quiet, highly moralistic and a prolific gardener. He's a great person to have next door.

I'm still battling the bulge, and I'm not really a pie maker anyway. When Jeff got home, Ali broke the news to him that pie had arrived.

"I think Mark was doing community service," she said.


Happy Fourth of July! If you're blowing stuff up this weekend, do it safely.

Congrats to my friend Jonathan on his great news!!!! Seems that romance is in the air all along the Eastern Seaboard....

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