Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, Goddammit I AM happy!

A friend of mine once told me that she has a friend who checks in on the TeamReed blog every now and again when she's feeling down and wants to feel more miserable.

I didn't get it either, at first. It was explained to me somewhere along the lines of everything in the blog indicates that I lead the life of Riley. When this woman wanted to torture herself about the less blissful state of her life, she turned to me.

My first reaction was, "Whatever." And then I got a recent message from an old childhood friend who had apparently been reviewing the posts. She said I either was really happy or I covered up really, really well.

I'm giving both of them the benefit of the doubt that they don't mean to be insulting. (Just watch me grow!) But it does make me want to set a few things straight.

1. Yes, Goddammit, I AM happy. A lot. Almost always. Truly.
2. I'm also sometimes/often annoyed, cranky and ticked off.
3. Yes, Alison IS that damn cute, smart and funny.
4. Except when she's a brat. (OK. she really is rarely a brat, but yeah, sometimes she is.)
5. Now, to rip off Miranda Lambert, here's a little bombshell just for my blog followers: I don't tell you EVERYTHING. Mostly I tell you the good stuff, the highlights; sometimes the low lights, but I try to keep it fun.

So, to sum up: My life is good. I'm glad that it's good. It wasn't always good. If hearing a little bit about the antics on and about Castle Row make you smile once in a while, that's great. If you like to wallow in some twisted way, OK; if that does it for you, I'm here for you either way. Whatever works.

And now, one more fun thing my kid did:

While I was in my Vicodin coma, I wasn't paying attention to every little thing. Alison is not a fan of the bath, but I usually hose her off at least twice a week well and I get parts of her in between.

She confessed the other day that while I was sick, she went more than a week without a bath.

"Oh my gosh, Ali. Didn't you smell bad?" I exclaimed in horror.

"Nope. I sprayed myself with the Febreze so you wouldn't notice," she said, proud as she could be.

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