Thursday, March 25, 2010

Febreze again

Spring Break is coming to a close for us this weekend, and it's been a bunch of fun slipped in between Jeff and me still working for most of it. He's been taking half-days and we've combined play dates and baby sitter with that.

Alison doesn't seem to care what we're doing as long as she's not in school.

Yesterday she spent most of the day at a friend's house and then they were here for a sleepover. They were in Ali's bathroom and apparently Alison was showcasing the collection of Febreze I keep in that linen closet.

"Sometimes when my mom is in here, whew! we really need this," she said.

Anna said something I couldn't figure out, and Alison rushed in with, "But it's not her fault. She's on Weight Watchers and they make her eat weird things like DIET ice cream. Can you imagine? Diet ice cream."

Anna was appropriately horrified and they chattered all the way downstairs about my strange eating habits.

FYI: 16, count 'em. Sixteen pounds.

I might be stinky, but until we run out of Febreze I should be able to stay in the house....

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