Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy PhotoShoot

We're having a very lazy Sunday after staying up late to watch the Colts win against the Ravens. Ali and Jeff have tomorrow off from school and work, which I'll be back in the salt mines of Angie's List.

So today, we're taking it easy: me in anticipation of a busy but fun work week and those two layabouts just because they can.

We haven't been true sloths. Jeff played basketball and Alison re-created Mount Rushmore with modeling clay and she's finishing up her homework now. The clay mountain is part of a school project due Friday. It should be fun to see if the round balls designating the dead presidents get any more humanoid in the next five days.

I'm fighting the urge to maintain the point count for what's now Day 5 of Weight Watchers. Yeah, I've caved in to the group think that has helped millions drop some lbs. I've done OK, though I'm seriously amazed at how tiny portions can be.

My fat ass and I are living proof of what country living will do to you. Well, OK. if that country didn't consider food cooked unless there was bacon grease somewhere in the pan. While it's been a long while since I lived in the country, the fat cells I cultivated there are clinging on like chubby baby monkeys. It's hard to club a baby monkey. Even fat ones. Really. I've tried.

I haven't worked out this weekend, but I put in four days at the company gym, and I'll be back at it tomorrow. You earn extra points if you work out, but not enough to make it worthwhile. If I could have a bag of Hersey kisses after working out, I might work out harder. Anything less just doesn't seem worth it.

Anyway, wish me luck with Weight Watchers. If I don't strangle our perky WW Team Leader by Week 4, I'll at least survive the program without a felony.

Note to Jen: you'll be proud to know that my fridge and cupboard is now full of imaginary food. How long, again, before my body believes in it?

The shot today is Alison's first successful bubble gum bubble. She's been trying, off and on, for about a year to get it right. Her Aunt Lois showed off a huge bubble on New Year's Even. Ali has a ways to go. And now that Valentine's Day is among us (at least in retail land) she's off gum and on those tiny hearts with little stamped message on them.

I wonder if those teeny tiny hearts have a Weight Watchers point value....


Jen said...

who says 3 soup bowls of cheerios isn't equal to one serving anyway?

Cheryl said...

Exactly! Leaving me to count points is a bad thing....

FYI -- Your WW Gods WERE with you at Cole Farms. I think you may need to send them my way for the next 12 weeks though....


Jen said...

is meeting day Tues or Wed?

Cheryl said...


Dana said...

Did you know that anything you while you're standing up has no calories, and, therefore, has no WW points?

Just thought I'd pass that along!


Cheryl said...

Ha! It's thinking like that that landed me with the frickin' WW to begin with! :)