Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colts win!

Like a lot of folks in Indy, we gathered with some good friends to watch the game this afternoon. We were together for last week's win, so we have to be together for the Superbowl now. It won't be a sacrifice.

The good thing about getting together with other parents is that the kids can entertain themselves while we fixate on the game or gossip in the kitchen.

At one point this afternoon little Sarah Christoff came in on her hands and knees asking if we'd seen Alison. Neither Lisa nor I had, but we did ask why the search was on.

"We're playing cat and rodent and if we catch her, she's our lunch!" the feline Sarah informed us, turning to trot, still on all fours, to another part of the house.

Here's hoping we're all more cat than rodent this week!

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