Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Could Have Danced All Night -- and some did

Alison and Jenna were on stage at the Indiana State Fair again this year, and they were knock-outs, as usual.

The show was its usual chaos. Call time at 5 p.m. to endure the end of some lederhose-wearing geezers happily tromping around in a polka/clog/square dance that seemed to go on for 17 days. They seemed happy about it, so you tried to be patient, but man they danced for years.

Finally, our dance troupe goes on. six hours later, Jenna's first tap number comes up. A day-and-half more and both girls perform their ballet to "I Could Have Danced All Night." Then another two decades to one more tap and then an eternity to the finale.

Thank God and Lynda Ruble for deep fried potatoes.

So I might have exaggerate the time it took, but only a little bit. Then it was off to the Midway for some rides and games. Alison won two goldfish after tossing $5 worth of ping pong balls at little fish bowls. She named them Alison and Jenna, of course, and the two girls kept admonishing us about how to properly hold the little swimmers while they dashed about.

Some fried cheese, ice cream and corn-on-the-cob later, Ali and I staggered off to find a fish bowl for the two new family members. Our first store didn't have anything useful.

On the way to Target, I hear from the back seat: "Oh no! Jenna's dead."

Sure enough, she was a goner. The non-gilled Ali was sad, but not despondent, and finding a tank cheered her right up. So far, both Alisons are still doing well.

We got a surprise visit this afternoon from Jenna, Ginny and Amer. I was a little wary of how the original Jenna would take the news about her namesake, but she handled it just fine.

I think she's plotting a way to get her own set of fish twins when she gets back to Fair with Grandma...

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