Thursday, June 30, 2016

Step by Step by Step by Step

I could write forever about how wonderful our trip to Paris was. I can't begin to express how thankful I am to Tracy Wiseman and Eric Yocum for inviting us to join them there.  I can, however, quantify it a bit, courtesy of my FitBit.

Sunday: 11,707 steps. Mostly in airports.

Monday: 18,871 steps. Notre Dame and a Segway tour in a rain that chilled our bones but was so worth it.
Tuesday: 14,784 steps. Musee d'Orsay, long walk home through the Marais neighborhood, dinner in the park behind apartment where a music festival was underway.

Wednesday: 17,509 steps. The Arch d'Triumph, lunch on the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower

Thursday: 20,979 steps. Bicycle tour of Versailles. Picnic by the Grand Canal.

Friday: 19,563 steps. The Catacombs, Pompidou Centre and the Louvre
Saturday: 26,460 steps. L'Orangerie, shopping and twilight stroll to see the lights of the city and the sparkly Eiffel Tower.

Sunday: 9,928 steps. Flew home. Sad.

I've shared a lot of photos that illustrate the incredibly beautiful structures, country side and art. But I owe it to my calves and quads to also share this side of Paris that they will not miss.

Conversational Highlights:

Deep in the Catacombs, Ali was chatting with a friend, Lauren, she'd made in line. They shared a love of anime and other things things that had them jumping up and down and squealing. "As a vegetarian, I'm a little disturbed by all of this," Lauren confided.

"Well, there's no meat left, if that helps any," Ali pointed out.

Later, as we rode to Versailles on our bicycles that were packed down with French treats for our picnic, Ali turns to to Jeff and says, "Hey Dad. You're riding a bike. In France. With a baguette."  They laughed about that for half a mile.

Jeff and Ali did a much better job speaking to everyone in French. I was less eloquent. On our first full day, Ali was buying a treat for her and a drink for me. She did a great, job of asking in French if the merchant spoke Englais.  The woman smiled and said yes. "Awesome," said my little American. "I'd like a Nutella waffle and a coffee," Alis said.

On our last night, we were walking from the apartment to a bridge where we could see the Eiffel Tower light up the night. We passed by the 117th ancient structure and I asked Tracy if she knew what it was. "It's a church," she said. "See the crosses and such?"

We giggled like little girls at her ability to spot religious structures.

Pretty shots:

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