Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Captain Wears Frilly White Panties

Actually, as I am in a position to know, I can refute that title. And as our resident laundress, Alison has some insight as well.

But when it comes to scary movies, or TV shows, the Captain definitely wears the panties in this family. We were watching "Supernatural" the other night. It was Alison's choice but Jeff likes to dabble in scary stuff, too, so I was outnumbered. And frankly, it was better than another episode of South Park, which is her current fascination.

Given the choice, I don't watch scary movies. I don't scream out or flail about. I have nightmares. Alison has scared herself from sleep more than a few times,  but she still likes them. I like hanging out with the two of them on occasion, so I agreed to her selection.

We were on the couch in the family room like people use to do. Jeff was in the middle. His flinching and yelping was an event in and of itself.

"Geeze, Dad. Are you wearing frilly white panties or what?" Alison asked.

If you ever find Jeff dead of a heart attack in our house, chances are it's because Alison or I did something deadly. Like walk into a room. Or speak.  He's incredibly skittish. Which we find hilarious.

In other news, Alison was bored at school on Friday, so she drew constellations on her arm by connecting freckles.

We are just back from Delicia where we had a wonderful Valentine's Day/Anniversary dinner. Jeff and I spent Saturday night watching Dead Pool and indulging in champagne and pizza. It's been a lovely weekend that's about to end with a collection of Reeds around the fireplace.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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