Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pride Goeth before the Ball

Or in our case, before the ball game.  We had a super busy weekend that started with birthday shopping, then to being in a parade, parties, an art fair and finally a baseball game.

It was awesome. But so busy and full we might need an extension to the weekend.  That, or forgiveness for a sluggish Monday.


Seeing so many friends -- including Jeph Slaughter, Tim Joyce and a slew of Democratic (and even a few Libertarian) politicos at the Indy Gay Pride parade/festival.  Sure there were a few people who were a bit over the top, but the over-riding feeling at the events was just sheer happiness. Jeph walked with the Angie's List contingent in the parade and may have actually been the best ambassador for the 17-mile trek. 

It was a great day. Super fun. Maybe not 17 miles, but at least 17 miles of fun.

We split up from Ali that night for separate but equally fun birthday parties. 

We reunited Sunday to visit the Talbott Street Art Fair to see more friends, including Cindy & David Athey, and Karen Terrell and acquire more stuff.

Rain flirted with the sun, with the sun mostly winning out and nearly wiping us out at the ball field. But  the Indians prevailed and we finally got to rinse the stink off us and collapse wellbefore nightfall.


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