Sunday, April 12, 2015

These are not trick questions

Why do adult males wear baggy cargo shorts that for particularly short men seem droop to their ankles?

How is it that the moss in my yard expanded exponentially while under cover of the longest, coldest,ickiest winter in history?

How can I remember what underwear I was wearing nearly 20 years ago when I inadvertently informed a then-single Jeff Reed that the summer fling I thought we were having had overtaken me but I can't remember the names of my neighbors and coworkers if I run into them in places other than where I normally deal with them?

As  you may have surmised, I'm not in a very focused frame of mind. Don't know why, exactly. Spring has sprung and I worked in the yard today and we even soaked up some Indiana sun at Victory Field where the Indianapolis Indians emerged victorious. 

I skipped writing last week because I think I tired myself out traveling down to Jasonville -- Coalmont really -- to see the family for Easter. It was fun. Got to see Kaitlin for the first time since she was in the hospital. It was great to see her on the road to recovery. Thanks for all the prayers and good vibes. 

Our Easters don't involve pastel dresses anymore -- more like bare feet and outdoor silliness. But there are piles of food and good company. 

We had Alex Ogden over Saturday. He and Ali have been friends since they were 2. Not much has changed there, either.

Alex was supposed to be making soda with Ali's Soda Stream and the word, "maximum" came up in the instructions.

Alex started muttering "Maximum.Maximum"  Ali exclaimed and said, "Don't say that!"


"It's a sex magazine. For old people."

"Gross," they said in unison.

That wasn't the high point of my weekend. But to tell you that, I'd have to tell you why I was remembering my underwear collection. And I'm just not that kind of girl.

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