Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello. My name is Cheryl and I am addicted to Candy Crush

I knew better. I've been down this road before. But I've been too many places with Jeff Reed lately where there was a lull in activity and he was just sitting there patiently, not complaining or impatient at all.

He was playing Candy Crush on his big-ass Android phone. 

I ignore it for a long time. Fidgeted. Complained. Whined about waiting whether it was waiting for Alison's basketball game to start, at the gym with no reading material. At the odd, long stop light.

FinallyI downloaded the goddamn thing and I'm this far away from inviting my friends on Facebook and actually spending real money to extend my lives when I lose too many times in a roll and it puts me in time out.  Yeah. It locks you out unless you pay up or invite others into the addiciton.

So far, I've accepted the break and returned to paying attention to things like my kid, my family, the soup bubbling over on the stove. You know, real stuff. I'm addicted and I don't even want to stop.

But here's the thing: I can work out a long time if I have a book to read, but sometimes I'm between reading stock and I don't want to re-read an old favorite again. This stupid Candy Crush game got me through a two-hour workout Friday and then another hour wait for Jeff to get out of city Permit Pergatory.  I didn't complain once! Well, except when I kept losing.

Anyway, besides my online gaming problem, we did manage to find some fun this weekend. We got lucky to score Jenna for the weekend and even a bit of Alex Ogden. It was day care days all over again even though they've all grow about three feet since then. And their bathroom habits are much improved.

They still fight and punch and giggle like they were 2, though. So it's always fun just to listen to them.

At one point they'd been catching up on each others love life and I remarked that Alex was their cute boy. Simultaneously they all groaned. Jenna: "Well that's kind of possessive. " Alison: "Mom. He's just my friend."

I agreed that he was their friend, but "Who doesn't need a cute boy in their life? No one!"

I couldn't swear to it, but I think Alex was fine with his position in the threesome.

It used to be that he'd be in the thick of their nonsense but as he's growing up taller than both of them and has that teenage air of coolness, I see him occasionally just watching them with this bemused expression on his face. "Is it still OK to hang with girls?" I asked him.

He grinned, said, "They're loud," but yeah, he still has a good time. Later, when they went to the bathroom together, he and Jeff just shook their heads at them. Ten years ago, he'd have been pounding on the door and they'd find a way to sneak him in. Ah. Maturity.

Speaking of cute boys, Halloween was a raw night and only the bravest -- or silliest -- trick-or-treaters were out. That mean Drew hung about in the house when the girls went out and we had the best time sitting around Amer's kitchen table sharing stories. Drew is like, 6-feet tall now. Definitely a cute boy. And not too cool to spend some time with the old folks.

I'd tell you more stuff but I think my Candy Crush time out is over. Happy Halloween! Don't forget to vote Tuesday!

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