Sunday, October 19, 2014


Alison is getting aquainted with frozen peas in a new way. She usually uses them to cool down and nutrition up her Ramen noodles. This afternoon they iced down her ankle, victim of her other ankle and the full weight of her body.

The CKS Tigers Cadet B Squad is 3-0. Alison was only one of the girls who got hurt today. They were all injuried by the other team, however.

She's doing fine. Kind of enjoying her time of the couch if truth be told. Jeff's liked it, too, because she finally watched a bit of football with him.

I've been helping her a bit with the laundry this weekend because even before she rolled her ankle, she'd been coughing more than I like. She's been having her meals on the "sick person's tray" in her room as often as she can. At 4 p.m. I decided she probably needed to give a little back.

So I brought her a couple loads of the latest dried clothing.

"Uh. Mom," she reminded me. "I'm injured." 

I reminded her that folding requires no use of the ankle.

In other news, she also got cracked on the head at a Halloween party. There was a little blood and there's a scab, but it didn't keep her down for long.

She's been on a roll of sorts, lately.

We were in the car and she was outraged by a commercial playing on the radio that featured something about the family turning to the mom for dinner because they were somehow unable to feed themselves.

"As if Moms are the only ones who cook," she said, full of feminist passion. "I mean, like, you NEVER cook."

I glanced at her. "I cook," I asserted.

"No you don't," she said.

"Do too."

"Do not."

"I do, too!  I make killer lasagna and sausage & peppers. I make soup practically every week," I said. "And meatloaf. I make meatloaf."

"You have never made meatloaf," she scoffed.

"Do too. You and your dad don't like it so I don't make it very often," I said.

"I LOVE meatloaf. I have it at Miss Amy's with mashed potatoes," she said, rubbing her stomach.

I stopped talking. Amy also has white bread. Jeff DOES cook most of our meals. I'm more famous for take-out, salads and cereal. And pancakes. I used to make pancakes a lot. 

I got a little freakes out at parent-teacher conference when one of the teachers volunteered that Ali is blunt, calls it like she sees it, and that it sometimes gets her in a little social trouble.  I cringed.

My lack of diplomacy wasn't wasn't among the things I wanted to pass on. My Facebook friends have talked me off the ledge, but I'm still hoping I can temper my thoughts better. And that there's time for Alison. Once  she gets off the couch, of course.

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