Sunday, August 10, 2014

While you were sleeping...

Dear Captain Reed,

While you were sleeping, I opened the 2003 Spring Mountain Cabernet.

It seemed only fair. You stole my spot on the couch. And I'm hungry.

Love you.


It was a long week and an odd weekend for us. Jeff has worked down at his office for most of weekend, so Ali and I handled all the Saturday chores. We have a lot of Saturday chores. Funny how you forget that when you're  used to dividing them up. Kudos to all you single parents out there. Sincerely.

Alison will start school again this week. I'm inclined to call in sick all week just so I can hang out with her more and wring what little is left of her little girl years out of her.  She claims she's taller than me now, and if I were a better person, I'd admit that she is. Barely.

She still confides in me, though it's not the firehose it used to be. She frets more than I like. She worries over things that I suppose every girl her age is fretting over. My zeal to fix it all remains white hot, but I know not only that I can't but I shouldn't. 

If I could tell you all the things she's banned from this blog, you'd understand. If you were ever a 13-year-old girl you can imagine. If you've every had a 13-year-old girl you know.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, I have wine and I'm sworn to secrecy. A comination that seems so dangerous, I'll sign off quickly.  It's been an awesome summer. And there were great spots to this week too.

The neighbor's cat, Ephraim, came to visit this morning. He drinks his milk by dipping a paw and then licking the pay -- is that normal or does he not trust our milk?  He was here for about 30 minutes before he was claimed. During which, we discussed many things including cat vs. dog and Alison's wish for a pet.

"Cats are less high maintenance but you and your dad are allergic," I pointed out.

She agreed, but pointed to the cat's random indifference to her wishes to play. "You can't walk a cat," she said. "And you can't play fetch with a cat."

Today was mostly a snoozefest after our day of errands that was capped off by a great time at an Indians game that ended under a Super Moon with an Indians'win.

Today, we slept in. Jeff went back downtown to work. I did a little cleaning and worked out. Alison worked on her costume for GenCon Indy. She and a friend are determined to go in costume. I blame Big Bang Theory and am encouraging her to bring a set of clothes in case she doesn't want to be Mystique for the run of it. We'll see.

For now, I'm going to enjoy this wine and a quiet house.