Sunday, March 2, 2014

Apples to Apples

As we awaited the latest snow-apocolypse, we were entertained by the silliness that invades our house any time Alison has one of her long time friends over.

Saturday it was Breanna Tabor. Just getting into the car was a flashback in time. Ali did something crazy, which left Bre to abanondon her in the backseat to drive from her Castleton area house to ours in Broad Ripple. Along the way, Alison decided to torment Bre in several different ways.

I left them in the car to pick up a pizza and came back out to find Bre in the back seat with the red headed demon.

"I decided to get back her to avoid having to smell Alison's feet," Bre informed me just before they dived into the breadstick box. It was understandable. Had they not opened it, they'd have had to wait at least four minutes to get home.

We left them to go out to dinner -- another winner where we sampled drinks at E&D while we waited for our table at Delicia -- a great way to deal with that little time waster. We ran into a few friends ourselves so that was fun. We came home to find Bre in pajamas and Alison running around in a bikini.

I don't even want to know what they'd been doing besides having a bath in my garden tub. There wasn't any evidence of real wrong doing.

This afternoon, we played Apples to Apples before we discovered Bre had homework due tomorrow. It's a great game where you deal out cards and each player tries to use one of the cards in their hands to define another card the rotating judge turns over. You try to get to 7 wins. We have a lighting round with the remaining cards to declare the ultimate winner. It's a lot of fun because sometimes you have really terrible cards that don't really fit the card you have to define so you have to try to argue your way to a win.

Bre may have had the best round when we were trying to justify "important."  Alison had "our family." I had "telling the truth."  Bre had "glazed donuts."  Jeff was the judge that round.

She made a great case. And really, glazed donuts ARE important. Somehow Jeff went with "our family" over "turning the truth," but he did consider the idea that he could adopt a new kid, find a new wife and the weight of honesty against a hot glazed donut was in doubt for a while.

It's a good thing we were playing in the basement because I think the giggles and the arguments would have attracted the neighbors. If they'd brought donuts we'd have likely let them join the game.

I took a nap while Jeff and Alison took Breanna home. I'm resting up for Clay Miller's annual Oscar party. I woke up to Ali listening to a YouTube video on how to make a new rubber band bracelet and Jeff practicing how to tie a bow tie.

The next snowfall has yet to fall.  I guess if it doesn't swamp us, we'll actually get out for the party.  Which means I'll have to get dressed.  I'm sure I'll have a good time at the party. The nap was really fun though. Between that and the glazed donut discussion, Clay has his work cut out for him if I'm to have another highlight...

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