Sunday, February 2, 2014

Paradise Lost

There's something profoundly wrong about waking up to a beautiful, sunny sky where you wear a tank top and flip flops to breakfast where you share the sun with seagulls and a view of the ocean and then ending your afternoon shoveling snow and ice from your driveway.

Yet this is the fate that found me today.

Our four days on Key West was a slice of sweaty heaven. It was just hot enough that the young man with his tray of icy drinks by the pool was less a bartender and more a medic. The bars and restaurants were just far enough away that walking to them was enough to justify having another. 

And the dark chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick was just amazing.

The people were fun, too.

We left Alison in the wonderful hands of our little village -- Teams Vielee and Tokash, with a little help from Aunt La and even a sideline trip to the Jurkeweicz' for the final touch on Alison and Nick's Science Fair project.

Amer was clost to starting an educational incident when Alison's coach didn't have Ali in the game soon enough or long enough to suit Team Tokash. She texted me of the problem and I cautioned her against getting up to have a conversation with the coach, who I'm sure could take Amy. Amer agreed and settled for a death stare, which apparently was effective. Sadly, the Tigers still lost. But you have to appreciate the surrogate effort. 

It was a lot of work for all of our helpers and it was greatly appreciated by us. Alison was living large every step of the way. She scored a meatball sub from Subway, bacon and white toast from Amer and sushi before I nearly had to drag her back home.

She'd taken a tiny bit of time to send me a drawing of what she thought I might look like on vacation. But she had actually had very little need or thought of us. She was having too much fun.

She was doing her science fair thing as we landed at the airport so we had time for Saturday chores, a work out for me and general settling in. But I was ready to see her.

I called to make sure whe was ready for me to pick her up only to learn that she needed at least an hour more for science. I gently reminded her that she might be overstaying her welcome.

"Mo-om. I am a delight to have in a house," she informed me.

Confidence is good, right?  

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