Sunday, January 19, 2014

Menage a trouble

Alison, Jenna and Breanna are reunited again. This time it's at our house, and I don't mind admitting that I've been as excited as Ali has been to have them over.

Last night, Ali went to bed early and slept in til almost 11. "Mom, if I'm going to take on both Breanna Tabor and Jenna Louise Tokash, I'm gonna have to get some rest," she informed me as she took to her bed. I couldn't argue with her.

Everyone's off school and work tomorrow but me, so it was a good opportunity to have them entertain each other. The Sunday Sleepover was my ill-disguised ploy to avoid being short-changed. 

Ali and Jenna, of course, met in some sort of metaphysical vibe before they were born (or so they claim.) We met Bree at Day Nursery six weeks in. This is them at Alison's 1-year-marker.

  They were doing their best to eat the all-natural, no sugar carrot cake cupcakes What to Expect When You're Expecting, Years 1-5, insisted was the way to go. Yes, I know. It was a mistake, but hey, that book was my Bible in the early years.

So the house has been full of their giggles and screams and protests.  "Let's play on the Wii!"  "I don't want to play on the Wii"  "We can play different games." "I don't want to play on the Wii AT All." 

They've settled on a game they learned at camp called BS -- you tell a story or define a word and the others vote on whether you're lying. I know this because they came up to raid the pantry and left with bowls, pita chips, cheddar flavored rice cake chips, Goldfish and Sriracha-coated peas. 

"You need one bad thing for when you lose," Alison was saying.

"Um. What are you doing?" I asked. Jenna explained while Alison kept scrounging.

As I pondered whether to let them punish each other with Sriracha, Alison came over to me and started petting me. "Shush. No more questions," she said, shooing the others downstairs to escape my half-hearted attempt at parenting.

It's so much fun to eavesdrop on them that I might not get to the gym. Their first activity was to apply makeup to each other while the apply-er was blindfolded.  I figured it couldn't be a worse mess than their fingerpainting days, when I just dumped them in the tub until all the paint came off. At 12.5, they're able to clean themselves up. I can always buy new towels.

They bickered for a while about how bad a job the others are at makeup application. The best thing about these kids -- and Team Ogden -- is that they are mercilessly honest to each other. With newer friends, there's sometimes that hesitancy or that need to win their approval so they might go along with something they don't necessarily really want to do.

Not so with these guys. As they cleaned off the makeup, they discussed pimple care and the state of each other's skin. 

Tomorrow, they will accompany Alison to an early morning appointment with her doctor, who will freeze off the remaining warts she has on her hand. Jeff, commenting on whether the sleepover was a good idea, suggested I might have forgotten about the appointment and that perhaps a later arrival might be better.

Silly Captain. He'll be lucky to keep them out of the examination room so they can watch. As Amer put it, "Alison and Jenna will probably go to each other's pap smears. No need to reschedule, Captain Reed."

In other news, Jeff and I and a bunch of others competed last night at the Christ the King Triva Night/fundraiser for the 8th grade trip. We came in 5th out  of 42 tables but more importantly had awesome snacks and a fun night.  The theme was time travel so Jeff dressed up as Dr. Who. I used Alison's Christmas snuggie and went as the Tardis. 

We'd discussed me going as Amy Pond, one of the Doctor's companions -- a young, British redhead who generally wears a mini-skirt.

"I don't think you can pull it off, Mom," Alison said. "I mean, I really don't want you going to my school in a mini-skirt."

Sigh. The snuggie was warmer anyway.

Shots of the 3some through the years:

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