Sunday, August 4, 2013

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine....

You know that song, You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

I'm so tone-deaf I should qualify for some kind of special assistance. Certainly anyone who's been within earshot when I think I'm alone in my car and belt out a tune should get some sort of compensation.  

Despite this, I used to sing that song to Alison when she was too little to do anything about it. God bless her little heart, she didn't cry and she even sometimes went to sleep. I'm hoping it was long enough ago that she'll never actually remember it.

I have the song in my head because I watched "Trouble with the Curve" this weekend. Clint Eastwood has gone kind of right wing batshit crazy in his golden days but my sister had Two Mules for Sister Sara on her TV last weekend and when he came on again, I had to watch. The bad guys in this latest movie are as one-dimensional as his spaghetti westerns, but life is  complicated. Sometimes you need a simple story. The sunshine song played a bit of a role. 

So it's been in my head. And it led to the photo part of the PhotoShoot today.

She IS my sunshine. But then, again, I have so much more sunshine in my life than storm.

Thanks for being part of the light, everybody.

And, you're welcome for now having that song on repeat in your head.... :) If you've seen the movie, I sing it even more badly than Clint does....

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