Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm becoming Joe Kernan

Cupcakes notwithstanding, it's been another busy weekend here at Chez Reed.


Alison stopped by my bathroom the other morning as I was getting ready for work.

"Hey Mom, you know how you dye your hair so no one knows how old you are?" she asked, earnestly.

I paused in my mascara application. 'Yeah? " I asked cautiously.

"Well. You might want to forget about that," she said. "See your eybrows there? One of 'em is kinda gray."

(I love Joe Kernan. I even love his eyebrows. That doesn't mean I WANT them... :))


Last year at the Christ the King Trivia night, my friend Chris Austin took my place on a team we've had a few years. I can't remember why I couldn't go, but the Vielees, the Haases and the Christoffs were happy to see him because they won they whole shebang that year and we have the trophy to proove it.

This year, they agreed (I'm sure reluctantly) to let me back in. I did bring some fairly awesome food, but sadly, we needed Chris and his encyclopedic brain.

Out of a potential 100 points, we scored 90. Not bad, and had spelling counted, I'm sure we would have won. Sadly, the winners had 94 points. I think we came inn 5th.

It was way fun. I'll try to get photos. It was a movie themed event and our team was "Leave the gun, take the cannoli." The Vielees had suggested the men slick their hair back like mafiosos.

Ten minutes before we were to arrive, Jeff comes in wearing pleather pants, a white teeshirt and his best John Travolta/Pulp Fiction hair. I scramble from the bed and replace my blue jeans and sweater with my best (albeit quick) Jersey girl impression.

It was a fun night. But yeah. Austin would have put us over the top. Anyone out there know Ducky's full name from Pretty in Pink. (And no, John Cryer doesn't count...)

Ali had her first volleyball competition Saturday. It was a round robin kind of thing. Real games start next week, I think. One of her teammates, Danielle, was on her basketball team, and Danielle's mother made the mistake of telling Coach Reed that Danielle wasn't planning to play basketball again. The sport was apparently too hard on her knees, she'd said. Volleyball, in which the girls all wear knee pads, was going to be a bit nicer to her body, Danielle reasoned.

At the end of the tournament, the Captain called Danielle over and advised her that she could wear pads for basketball, too.

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