Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week in review

Had a week that might have been as busy at home as it was at work. More success than failure, so I suppose it was a good week.

I'm trying to get past the failure part and to focus on the successes. Wish me luck!

Jeff had his birthday Monday, which was full of fun suprises in the morning and at night, and then two days later, he celebrated Halloween by fitting (well, I'll tell you) into his Army uniform that he hadn't even tried on in 20 years.

Yes, there really was a Captain Reed, and I'm hoping that if I'm ever in a fox hole, he's in there with me.

Alison converted her chocolate Halloween candy to $8 in a hard-fought negotiation with her father. She's getting way better at pleading her case.

We've been running into an old friend at Chatard football games, which is really fun. Mostly we freeze our butts off so Alison can hang with her friends. Having our own friends to hang with makes it better.

Unfortunately, the Tigers 5-6 girls basketball team hasn't been enjoying the blow-outs the Trojans have.

We lost our last regular season game today, but some of the kids were taller than me, and they had twice as many. So even though we didn't win on the boards, I consider it a victory that the other team had to sweat. A lot.

Plus, it was indoors. Oh! And I curtailed my cursing pretty well. I'm really getting better. Or maybe I was just happy it was inside.

Daylight saving time seems to be kicking my butt tonight. I think I'm going to call it an early night.

But before the lights go out:

Happy early birthday to Grandpa Reed!

Please join me in hoping for continued good news for little Christian Padilla and his parents, Brooke and Geno.

I hope, also, that you'll make time to vote this week. Even if you're on the opposite side of my politics (I'm happy to help you come over to the light; just let me know) we're priviliged to have this right.

And please keep those in the path of that bitch Sandy in your thoughts. While I complain about the temperature here, I know how lucky I am.

Here's what made me happy last week:

Monday: Happy to be inland today. Hoping for the best for everyone in Sandy's path.

Tuesday: Happy today with our latest project (see the photo below.)

Wednesday: Happy today that nearly all the holiday and birthday desserts are outta my house!

Thursday: Today I'm happy to successfully get through the first part of a busy morning and to get great advice from a co-worker who's turning out to be a great friend.

Friday: Happy today to have a kid who makes me laugh out loud and often. Last night she was yammering on about her life and future and ended with: "Once I get clear of you two, I'm going to get myself a puppy." (For the record, it's the Captain holding up that particular wish; her allergies keeping the kitties away.)

Saturday: Today I'm happy to finally get to the gym. Had a bad run in with bacon-laced, au gratin potatoes yesterday.The potatoes won big.

Sunday: Happy today that basketball is played indoors. Last regular season game for the CKS 5-6B team is this afternoon.

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