Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hair of the dog

So Alison is dying, just dying to shave her legs. Actually, she wants to shave her arms, too. Because, you know, all redheads are notoriously hirsute.

Gah. I have told her that once you start it never stops. That it will grow in black and thick and disgusting. I've shown her my scars and she's helped me sop up the blood from particularly wicked terrible shaving accidents.

None of it works.

So this weekend, I think I'm going to let her do it. I can be talked out of this. I haven't told her yet.


So it's the last full week of summer vacation and we've been trading off child care with our friends, the Beaches. Amanda and Ali are at her house in the day and they come here for sleeping and volleyball camp.

It's been a hoot. Amanda has a tiny kitten and Alison is in total love with it. She emailed me a video she took with her iPad called "Devil Kitty" that had little Mittens attacking Amanda.

It's been a hoot. They are currently protesting having to shower. I'm having none of it. They'll be clean tomorrow. Hairy. But clean.

Thursday I have the day off and we're going to the Indiana State Fair with some of my sisters, a niece and three cousins. I already have wrist bands for unlimited Midway rides and a plan to escape the worst of the fair food.

Tip of the day for anyone going: stay away from the bubble tea. People say it's good, but it's cold tea with milk and funky bubbles of not-that-awesome flavoring. Also, the homeade ice cream trailer is still gone.

Go see Cindy and David's sausage and lemonade shake-up stands. It's the best food there. They're north of the covered bridge by the free stages. Don't settle for the midway. It's worth the walk for the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

So I would hold off on the shaving thing as long as you can. Daley started shaving legs and arms when she turned 12 and now we fight constantly that she wants to shave all the time and she uses an excessive amount of shave gel. She literally believes if she can feel or see an iota of hair she has to shave again. So annoying. Niki

Cheryl said...

Argh!!! I can totally see her doing the same thing. Blech. Parenting sucks. :)