Sunday, May 13, 2012

And another thing!

My actual Mothers Day festivities were awesome. Alison created a code and made me first solve it, then go from site to site to discover more heart-shaped riddles I had to solve before finding her gift.

It was the Social Studies project she'd claimed to be working on, but really she'd stolen from my cork collection to create a fun posterboard card with candy attached even. Oh sure, it was stolen, too. But it's the thought that counts!

Jeff decided I needed a keyboard for my iPad, which prompted me to have to learn both it and the photo import gizmo he'd brought home earlier like a cat with a dead mouse.

(I'm not so quick to learn on the technology front...) So I've been in techno hell for part of the day. I have the keyboard mostly working. But I'm having issues with getting the newly imported photos from the iPad to the blog. And Blogger has turned on me, too, no longer formatting with actual paragraphs.

It's a good thing we had an Indians game in great weather with an added treat of running into my friend Tina and a chocolate covered Jack. And I still have dinner to look forward to. Now, back to the technological salt mines...

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Tina Noel said...

"And a chocolate-covered Jack." So very true! And so nice that we ran into you on Sunday...