Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday night lights (out)

I remember now how I came to be so boring. Staying out all night is exhausting!

Back in the day, when I was young and crazy, I routinely joined all the other fun people by going out on Fridays to blow off the work week. I used the next two days to recover. Sometimes (gasp!) I even went out both nights and embraced Sunday like the bouncy life preserver it was.

For a few -- OK several -- years now, a Good Friday has meant either:

--Carry-out, wine, a book or TV
--Cereal for dinner, wine, a bath and People magazine
--Family movie on TV rented from the couch, popcorn, TeamReed snuggle

You get the picture. But I've been trying not to be so boring, and Ali had a sleepover with Jenna on Friday. So, even after a great but exhausing week at work that's still going on, Jeff and I went out to dinner and a country music show at the 8 Seconds Saloon. Jerrod Niemann was playing.

If you like country music even a little bit, and you haven't checked this place out, you should. The venue partners with one of the local country music radio stations to bring in great national acts, which, unfortunately for people like me, are on Friday nights.

But like a good party girl, I had a shot of 5-hour-Energy and was fully prepared to wring the last drop of fun out of the night. The first band went on around 9 p.m. (during the week, this is the time I put Ali to bed and assume a prone position in bed or on the couch with the essentials at easy reach: drink, book, TV remote, iPad and phone.)

But there I was, in heels and a top that flirted with my poor excuse for cleavage, standing near the stage. Yes, thank you, Eric Church, I had a drink in my hand. Jeff, sport that he is, was right there beside me wearing the only flannel shirt he owns and a fully blown case of cowboy hat-envy.

We'd been greeted by his friend who manages the place. A girl named Stephanie had tried to pick Jeff up while he was on a beer run. I think I had been invited to be a young lady's special friend outside the ladies' room. We'd also been treated to a video display of the mechanical bull and its many victims that gives the place its name.

Some of those people had no business being on that bull, although the girl wearing the mini-skirt and the sky blue thong was well-received by the good ol' boys. And probabaly that girl by the bathroom, too.

Jerrod Niemann didn't go on until about 11. By then, I'd had another drink, chatted with a man who probably could have sired me but was still clearly on the prowl; talked to a girl who was fleeing the dance floor where she'd bumped into a man whose girlfriend took offense; and was starting to think my energy drink's claims were about as virile as the geezer who'd found me charming.

I'm sad to say that I did not make it through the full act. At one point, I think I fell asleep leaning against Jeff. It wasn't Jerrod's fault. He was great. I am just that lame.

I'm telling myself that had we gone out on Saturday instead of Friday, and if I'd gotten in that nap I'd planned, I'd have made it to the last set. I'll test that theory in future days.

On a more serious note, please give a thought or a prayer to those who are dealing with storm follow today. Indianapolis is cold and windy this weekend, but we were not in the path of any of the storms that struck here and across the midwest. There are some awesome stories of people who acted to protect/save others and some tragic ones where the efforts couldn't overcome the storms.

Be grateful today if you're safe and with those you love.

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